Document Center site template available in WSS 3.0?

Learn how you can enable several of the document management features in WSS 3.0 that are provided by default by the Document Center site template in MOSS 2007.


What is the Document Center?

The Document Center is a site template that comes with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. It provides features for creating and managing large sets of documents.

The Document Center is not available in WSS 3.0, but you can enable several of the features provided by the Document Center in MOSS 2007, in WSS 3.0.

Enabling Document Center features in WSS 3.0

Content types are the cornerstone of document management in SharePoint. The advantage of using content types is that you can add them to document libraries to be able to store several types of documents in one document library, and also use them to add document templates to a document library.

A document management system should allow for checking-in and checking-out of documents. It should also allow for keeping track of versions of documents and the ability to restore previous versions of documents. While not enabled by default, in WSS 3.0 you can enable check-in/check-out and versioning on document libraries.

A document management system should also allow for easy retrieval of documents. To this extent, you can enable tree view navigation on document libraries to expose the hierarchical structure that document libraries may have, especially if they consist of folders and subfolders.

And finally, there are 2 web parts that you can use for collaboration in document management in SharePoint:

  1. Relevant Documents web part
  2. User Tasks web part

The Relevant Documents web part helps you create a personalized view of the documents you (as the currently logged on user) are working with.

The User Tasks web part in SharePoint allows you to notify a user that there is a document that requires approval and/or allow a user to instantly see which tasks have been assigned to him/her.

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