SharePoint 2013 Document Center site

Learn what a SharePoint 2013 Document Center site is, what it offers, and how to create one in SharePoint 2013.


A Document Center is a site template in SharePoint Server 2013, so you can use it to create a site just like you would create any other type of site in SharePoint 2013.

The Document Center site template is not available in SharePoint Foundation 2013.

The difference between a Document Center site with other types of sites in SharePoint is that a Document Center site is optimized by default for creating, using, and storing a large amount of documents.

The difference between a Document Center and a SharePoint document library is that a Document Center is a site, while a document library is a collection of files. Most document management features are delivered through document libraries.

A document library in a Document Center site is a large-scale library that can be used as a knowledge base or an archive in an enterprise. It includes features to help users browse, search for, and manage a large amount of documents by using specific web parts.

When you create a SharePoint Document Center, a Documents document library and a Tasks list are created by default. In addition, SharePoint versioning as well as check-in and check-out are enabled by default on the Documents document library.

The Documents document library in the Document Center site is also associated with certain content types by default such as the Document content type, the Link to a Document content type, and the Document Set content type.

SharePoint 2013 Document Center content types
Figure 1. SharePoint 2013 Document Center content types

Document authors can use the Send To command in SharePoint to copy documents to the Document Center site.

Create a SharePoint Document Center

  1. In SharePoint 2013, navigate to the top-level site of a site collection or any other SharePoint site under which you want to create a Document Center site.
  2. Click Site Contents.
  3. On the Site Contents page, click new subsite.
  4. On the New SharePoint Site page, enter a Title and a Description, enter a URL for the web site address of the Document Center site, and then under Template Selection, click the Enterprise tab, select Document Center, and finally click Create.

Once you have gone through the steps above, SharePoint should redirect you to the newly created Document Center site.

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