How to send an email alert containing a link to a SharePoint list item

Learn how you can include a link to a SharePoint Tasks list item in an email alert sent by a SharePoint Designer workflow when a new task is created.


SharePoint email alert scenario

You have a SharePoint Tasks list in which new tasks are periodically created.

You want to be able to send an email to the person assigned to the task and have the email contain a link to the task so that the assignee can easily click and open the task in SharePoint.

Send an email message with a link to a list item in SharePoint

To create a SharePoint Designer workflow that sends an alert whenever a new Tasks list item is created:

  1. In SharePoint, create a new Tasks list or use an existing one.
  2. In SharePoint Designer 2007, create a new SharePoint Designer workflow, attach it to the SharePoint Tasks list, and select to Automatically start this workflow when a new item is created.
  3. Add a Send an Email action to the SharePoint Designer workflow.
  4. Configure the email message in SharePoint Designer to be sent to the person assigned to the task.
  5. In SharePoint, go to the Tasks list and click an existing task to open its details page.
  6. Copy the URL of this page.
  7. In SharePoint Designer 2007, paste the URL to the page you copied in the body of the email. Note: The Source parameter in the URL is used to redirect the user back to a location – in this case the main page of the SharePoint Tasks list – when the user closes the details page of the list item.
  8. Use the Add Lookup to Body button to replace the ID in the URL with the ID of the SharePoint list item that is looked up dynamically using the Current Item source.
  9. In SharePoint, test the workflow.

Note: Steps 3 through 9 are shown in detail in the following SharePoint video: Define an email message with a link for a new Task list item in SharePoint Designer.

Now whenever a new item is created in the SharePoint Tasks list, an email containing a link to the new Tasks list item is sent to the person assigned to the task.

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